What is Future College Fund? 

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What to Expect?

The goal is to get the word out about Future College Fund while you are fundraising your own College Fund! As you go door-to-door or just reach out to friends and family with brochures, postcards, and marketing material, you can tell your friends and neighbors how awesome Future College Fund is and how you are using it yourself to save for college. As you talk with your friends and neighbors you can tell them how you are worried about having enough money for tuition and that you are asking friends and neighbors to help support you. You can introduce yourself and let them know what you want to be when you grow up or what is your major in College!


“Hi, I’m Desiree, I’m a high school student aspiring to be a lawyer one day. I’m raising money for my college savings through an awesome new site called Future College Fund and a NEW campaign hashtag#buildmycollegefund. Future College Fund is a fun new way to crowd fund your education. If you contribute to my college fund today $2 gets you this cool pen and $5 gets you this awesome sunglass holder and $20 gets you an awesome T-Shirt!  We are out spreading the word to help build Future College Fund and my education at the same time!

Then fill out the order form with what they donated, what you gave them or what they ordered, and their name and email address. It’s that simple! At the end of the day you get to keep all the donations minus reimbursement for the inventory ($1 for the pens and $2 for the sunglass holders and $20 on T-shirts ) you have the potential to earn $100 a day!

*If they pay by credit card through Paypal make sure they have the same name on the order form as Paypal to match that later.