How it Works

#buildmycollegefund Teams will go door-to-door in their neighborhoods fundraising donations to their college funds.  Or if you don’t feel comfortable going door-to-door you can reach out to your friends and family. You will be stocked with merchandise to give in exchange for your donations. The script link below will help you with what to say and expect.


1. The first step will be to sign up on if you do not have a Paypal account your parents will need to set one up as your college funds will be held there. How to setup a paypal account is here.

2. Next we will need the waiver signed by yourself and your parent here to particpate.

3. Next we will need to meet to go over your script, merchandise, and apparel.

4. Lastly you will need to print out the order form that you will take with you to keep track of email addresses, inventory, etc.

5. Donations will be received by either cash or credit card through the Give link.  Money will be collected at the end and a donation will be made into your Future College Fund Campaign page. All merchandise costs will need to be recouped by Future College Fund after inventory is taken at the end.

6. Don’t forget to have fun and take tons of selfies of your journey and post to instagram with #buildmycollegefund so all your friends can learn about this amazing campaign!